LENZ Finance Management KG (LFM) activates sucess :

As intermediary between banks and ME LFM brings you into a straight position and creates acceptance of your projects.

As personal advisor with a broad financial and commercial background LFM supports your decision making process and safeguards against hazards.

As associate with hands-on working experience in the banking community and medium-size industry LFM supports the implementation of your projects according to your needs.

LFM reinforces your decisions

By analysis we check and evaluate trade-related projects, when parties are already defined, but there is a lack of finance, concept or structure. As a result you will get a sound financial judgement and proposals for what to do and how.

By individual consultancy we elaborate or revise concepts and develop financial and/or problem solutions to fit your trade related finance requirements. Your projects get the shape, which bankers and/or investors will expect.

By permanent consultancy to the management we sustainably support problem solving and decision making in international day-to-day business and project strategies.



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LENZ Finance Management KG