LENZ Finance Management KG (LFM) supplies knowhow:

LFM services start with the first contact. LFM listens to the customer's needs and asks the right questions.

LFM compares the provided information with state of the art requirements, defines the knowledge gap and suggests how to bridge it.

In a first appraisal LFM evaluates the proposed business and its financial feasibility. This includes analyzing balance sheets and determining the financial capacity of the parties involved against the background of the individual project.

If the business qualifies for follow-up, a proposal about possible finance structures will be submitted. As far as possible, a first indication about expected finance cost will be given.

Efficiency creates quantifiable results

The result of the first appraisal provides the customer with decisive information about the viability and sustainability of the proposed business.

The next step is a mandate for LFM to contact project parties, banks, credit insurers and other institutions in order to structure and arrange finance for the business. LFM will always act in close co-operation with the customer, who will provide information, documents and support as far as necessary.

LFM supports the customer in establishing business plans, preparing presentations and in negotiations.

The services of LFM continue until the finance instrument has been implemented and is ready for use.


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