LENZ Finance Management KG (LFM) is active:

As consultant and financial advisor LFM contributes to the purpose of expanding trade financing
capacity in Africa.

LFM renders consulting services to private customers and banks in Africa and Europe on the following subjects:

  • Import finance
  • Export and project finance
  • Structured trade finance
  • Commodity trade finance
  • Special finance, e.g. barter, buy-back, counter trade
  • Finance of affiliates abroad
  • Joint ventures abroad

Importers use the services of LFM to procure finance for their imports and to reduce finance cost. LFM assists importers in obtaining credit facilities adequate to their needs from domestic and international sources.

Exporters use the services of LFM in order to offer attractive payment terms to their customers. LFM assists exporters in establishing the right finance instrument to cope with customer demand and at the same time to comply with internal risk and liquidity requirements.

Banks in Africa use LFM to extend their funding base for financing imports of their customers. LFM
assists them to access the German export credit scheme and to leverage credit lines with
German correspondent banks.


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LENZ Finance Management KG