LENZ Finance Management KG (LFM) adds value:

When you mandate LFM for consultancy you get a look behind the scenes of your counterpart.

From our own experience we understand in LFM how banks operate and with hands-on working knowledge
in the medium-sized industry, we speak the corporate language.

Together with LFM corporate customers meet banks at eye level and leverage their options in international business manifold. LFM adds value by its expertise which accelerates credit processes, enables opportunities and makes business feasible.

Experience values

LFM possesses hands-on working experience in the four typical centres of competence of a foreign trade bank, namely

  • Relationship Banking, i.e.county risk management, financial institutions and corporate customers
  • Transaction banking, i.e. clean payments, collections, letters of credit and guarantees
  • Medium and long-term export finance, i.e. ECA (Export Credit Agency) covered business
  • Structured finance and forfaiting, i.e. international finance tailor made and without ECA cover

LFM uses that knowledge to steer customer business through banks target-oriented avoiding conflict-of-interest and frictions.

Customers have full access to the wide-ranging skills of LFM. There is always an individual project approach and LFM exploits its full capability in favour of the customer.

There are no product sales or sales commissions; instead there is full dedication to clients' needs and profound knowledge of adequate finance products. This enables LFM from the start to determine crucial elements for success and to cope with them to the benefit of its clients and their customers.


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