LENZ Finance Management KG (LFM) introduces itself:

LFM offers consultancy services to MEs for their international business. Our knowhow is based on hands-on working experience in banking and SMEs. From our own practice, we understand the business from the position of a bank's customer.

LFM focuses on trade-related finance in Africa and the Mideast. Our skills do not restrict us to these areas, but it is our preference to concentrate on them. Our success is based on a comprehensive knowledge of the decision-making process in banks and SMEs and a skilled approach to foreign cultures and mentalities.

LFM negotiates at eye level and acts within clear and defined targets. Our independence ensures an absolute commitment to our clients' interest.

The core customers of LFM are companies from the mechanical engineering sector, producers of capital goods and durable consumables, manufactuers, trading houses and engineering firms.

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LENZ Finance Management KG